Film Developing

32 Years of Custom Photographic Services

Film Deveoping & Scanning Services

We process black and white roll film and sheet film up to 8×10 using a Refrema dip and dunk film processor and Kodak Xtol film developer.  We will help you fine tune your results by keeping notes on your developing time, you keep notes on the exposures.

Film Processing

We process traditional (not C-41) black and white films up to 8″x10″ and a few odd sizes. New film or old film you found in the closet that’s 40 years old, give us a call to see if we can develop it for you. Infra-red or litho film. We can help you.

All film is processed in a dip and dunk Refrema, one of the finest machines made! We use Kodak Xtol developer. This produces a consistent result in your film. We record your developing times to help you fine tune your film that way you know exactly what you get, each time you shoot that same film.

Scanning Services

 We offer high resolution scanning of:

Negatives:  nitrate, glass Prints & tintypes



All scanning is done by hand, in-house.  When shopping for scanning services, be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. Is it done in-house?
  2. What is the resolution?
  3. Is there color correction involved?
  4. Do you burn to a disc, flash drive or email files?
  5. Do you return the originals?
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Note:   Photo projects require an appointment.  Please call or email to set a time.

Our hours can vary depending on assignment.   Please call first.

Our normal hours: Mon-Thurs 10-4 closed State & Federal holidays.

Thank you!

-The Cox Team 916-631-7275

Call for film processing turn-around times.