Copying originals:

 We offer high resolution scanning of:

Negatives:  nitrate, glass,

Prints & tintypes

Slides and Transparencies


All scanning is done by hand, in-house.  If original is under copyright or has been taken by a professional, we would need written permission to duplicate the image.  Flat, unframed small originals are scanned when possible.  Fragile and large originals are copied using a professional digital camera.  Your originals is not altered and is returned to you one your project is completed. 

When shopping for scanning services, be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. Is it done in-house?
  2. What is the resolution?
  3. Is there color correction involved?
  4. Do you burn to an archival DVD/CD?

Glass Negative 

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Note:   Photo projects require an appointment, please give us a call before coming in.   Please note:  Holiday deadline of 11/27 is quickly approaching. 

Call for film processing turn-around times.