Shipping Information


  1. Contact us to let us know you are sending an order  (we do not have prepaid mailers).
  2. We will contact you when it arrives.
  3. Use our handy Order Form, be sure to include your daytime telephone number and email address.
  4. PAYMENT:  We accept:  all major credit cards, cash and money orders.  Do not include your credit card information in your shipment.  Please call us with that information.

When shipping to us:

  • ROLL FILM:  Place in plastic bag or original film container-  in box with shipping peanuts
  • SHEET FILM:  Download film into your light tight box and ship in padded container box.
  • NEGATIVES:  Flatten sleeved negatives in between 2 pieces of flat cardboard, place safely in a shipping box or envelope and mark on the outside “DO NOT BEND”
  • PRINTS:  Handle in the same way as NEGATIVES.

When we ship to you:

Standard shipping via US Mail with tracking number and delivery confirmation.

We also suggest:  Federal Express and UPS .  If you have accounts with any of these shippers, we can charge it directly to your account.  We will contact you with the shipping tracking number.

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Note:   Photo projects require an appointment.  Please call or email to set a time.

Our hours can vary depending on assignment.   Please call first.

Our normal hours: Mon-Thurs 10-4 closed State & Federal holidays.

Thank you!

-The Cox Team 916-631-7275

Call for film processing turn-around times.