LVT (digital to black and white film)


We also offer LVT services using the Rhino LVT System.  This is where we take a digital file and convert it to film. Why would you want to do this?

Brodie Jayne's Photography
Brodie Jayne’s Photography

Think of the many negatives you may have that you couldn’t print because of damage or exposure. Now you can scan your negative, restore it in a photo restoration program like Photo Shop and then have us burn it to a 4×5 or 8×10 black and white traditional negative.

Museums and collection agencies have nitrate negatives that are not stable.  To help preserve these collections, we suggest digitizing them then creating an new negative on safety film using our  LVT service.


This is also a great way to take a digital file to make a negative for printing on fiber base papers or using alternative processes such as platinum, gum or carbon printing.

We also use our LVT system to create products that are used in medical, industrial and scientific applications.  Most importantly, film is the best way to preserve an image!

Here’s the steps for submitting your image:  FILE MUST BE ADOBE RGB 1998 , tiff format


Send your existing file:  do not: over-sharpen, play with the levels too much or  upsize (make larger) than original.  At this time we don’t have an Ftp service and we suggest using a cloud storage service such as:  WeTransfer, Hightail, Dropbox, Google Cloud, etc.  Please contact us before sending your image.

FROM PRINT OR NEGATIVE:  Send a  high resolution scan of your image.  We suggest using an on-line server for emailing to save time. Your image must be:  RGB, Tiff even though it’s a black and white image.

  1. Scan for 4″x5″@2030 dpi.
  2. If the original is a digital file, don’t change the original resolution.
  3. The LVT burns at 80 pixels per millimeter.
  4. Send it as a “positive” image, RGB 8bit or 16 bit.
  5. Don’t over sharpen, over adjust levels or overwork your print.
  6. When possible burn a step-wedge along side your image and let us know what readings you are getting.
  7. We will burn your file to a 4×5 or 8×10 black and white film negative .
  8. You will receive the negative for printing and preservation.  It’s that easy!
  9. Once we receive your image file, we need your shipping and payment information before proceeding.  Please call us with your payment information.  We will email an invoice before starting your project
  10.  Turn around time is 3+ weeks depending on our schedule and the calibration of your image file.  ** Please call or email first for turn-around times, times may vary depending on the schedule.

From your READY file:   The cost:    4×5 b/w Negative:  $65.00+     8×10 b/w Negative:  $125.00+     No Volume Discounts as these are difficult to create.  Depending on your project, additional set-up charge may apply.

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Note:   Photo projects require an appointment.  Please call or email to set a time.

Our hours can vary depending on assignment.   Please call first.

Our normal hours: Mon-Thurs 10-4 closed State & Federal holidays.

Thank you!

-The Cox Team 916-631-7275

Call for film processing turn-around times.